Hungary AGM call for nominations

The deadline to nominate for ExCom positions is March 4, 2017, by 6:59 pm CET. Your e-mail must be time-stamped no later than that time.

All executive members are expected to attend the chapter’s monthly meetings, which are planned well in advance in Budapest.

The positions are:

Chair  – Leads Democrats Abroad (DA) Hungary; oversees and coordinates all functions of the chapter, including outreach, fundraising, Get Out The Vote drives, and all other aspects of DA’s activity in Budapest and throughout Hungary.

 – Assists and/or Co-organizes all activities and duties with the Chair, including all of the above-mentioned tasks; acts as Chair if Chair is absent.

Secretary – Takes minutes at all meetings and provides copies to the Executive Committee.

– Keeps financial records.

Legal Counsel – Makes sure DA-HU operates under DA’s by-laws. Appeals to regional or international counsel if necessary. Working knowledge of ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER. (Law degree not required.)

Member-At-Large (2 positions) – General voting member of the executive committee. May fill in for other roles, if necessary.

(Above roles may include more tasks.)


All roles are official voting members of DA-HU. Executive committee members also hold voting rights at regional (EMEA) and global meetings, which are annual. Members are encouraged to attend and participate in the annual meetings but are in no way obligated. Additionally, executive committee members are invited to conference calls, which at times include DNC members, past and present office holders, or candidates for Congress and Senatorial races. This year’s annual meeting takes place in May in Washington D.C. Only executive committee members may participate formally as voting members.

All registered members of DA-HU are eligible for office according to the bylaws.

Again, nominations MUST be received, time stamped by March 4, 2017 by 6:59 pm CET.  If you, or someone you know, is interested, please reply by filling out the below with your name and desired position before the deadline.

Name:                 _____________________________________________________

Desired Position :  _____________________________________________________

Thank you for your interest. Regardless of your candidacy, we hope to see you at the Annual General Meeting on March 21st at 7pm at Moszar Cafe. If you cannot make the meeting, you can vote with a proxy ballot, which will be sent on March 7th. You will receive more instructions on proxy voting at that time.