Voting From Abroad FAQ

Voting from Abroad can be confusing. Hopefully the information below will help make things clearer. First, please register with Our Revolution Abroad.

Q: How do I register to vote in the General Election?
A: Go to Vote From Abroad and follow the instructions. They will help you register, no matter what state you call(ed) home.

Q: I’ve never lived in the USA, but I’m a citizen. Which address do I use? Which state do I register in?
A: You register with the last address of your parents, in the state they resided in.

Q: Do I need to keep re-registering?
A: Federal law, combined with state law, and even differences between county clerks, make the answer to this complicated. Because it is a complicated question to answer, the only 100% accurate way to make sure your vote is counted is to renew your voting registration every election year. You can do this through Vote From Abroad.